Tuesday, January 17, 2012

faith story

Back when we were going through the turmoil of this fall, I started feeling called to give my Faith Story at church. A Faith Story is the story of how our life and God's plan intersect.

I thought my story would be about faith and transformation. I thought Jay's transformation would be the highlight of the story. I thought the power of God to heal would take main stage.

And it turns out, I was right--sort of. It will be a story about transformation and healing. Except it will be about me. I had the main character wrong, not the story.

God is shaping and transforming me through this incredibly painful and awful experience. I am seeing His Hands shaping all that has been happening to me, even the painful stuff. I am being refined in the fire and I will come out so much stronger than I went in. I will be healed one day. I will be able to understand why this had to happen.

That will be a beautiful story.

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