Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it's just dreadful

I have a summer cold. For some reason, summer colds are so much worse than winter colds. Why is that? The coughing is by far the worst part. I wouldn't mind the stuffiness and lethargy so much if I wasn't wetting my pants every five seconds from coughing. That's one of the things they don't make clear to you about having kids. I have apologized to my mom for ridiculing her for this very problem before I had kids. :)

I have spent the majority of this morning in bed. Ethan is at Gummie's house and Pibs is spending quality time with PBS Kids. I need to get better because we are going camping this weekend and if I don't quit coughing so much they will kick me out of the campground!

On a unrelated note, I am starting to feel harassed by the other Rachel Olsons out there. From what I can tell, there are at least three that apparently can't remember their email address and just put mine down. Ladies, I have had this address for 8 years! It is 2010--getting your email address wrong is unacceptable. We've all been doing this email thing for a while now. I get job application confirmations, library overdue notices, invitations to join Facebook to look at pictures, online purchase confirmations and of course, the very personal family emails about Grandpa's surgery and how cute little Pookie is. All this is annoying but bearable. However, my nemisis(es?) have upped the ante. Now I am getting tons of unsolicted ad emails. All of them are addressed to which no one would use to get a hold of me. I have created a filter in gmail to try to prevent these from even coming to my inbox so we'll see how it goes. I have tried to contact the correct person many times--they either don't get my messages or don't care. So I'm done. All their crap is getting deleted and it can be their problem figuring out why they didn't get their mail. I am not the Postmaster General of gmail! But seriously, do you think it is crazy that a person would give the wrong email address out multiple times? Wouldn't they eventually figure out that they got it wrong and try to correct it? Especially when applying for a job? It befuddles me.