Tuesday, April 27, 2010

safe travels

Jimbo (my dad) leaves today for a few weeks in Africa. He will get the opportunity to travel to Mozambique as well as several other countries. He'll get to see what is happening on the ground with AfricaWorks for the first time since 2008. Please pray for safe travel and personal safety as he visits some not-so-safe areas. Can't wait to hear the news he will bring back!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

this pretty much sums it up

This is Olivia. I love her very much but right now she is a very difficult child to be around. This picture captures Olivia perfectly. She is in her jammie shorts (always in shorts, have given up this fight) and snow boots. Her choice, not mine obviously. And she is about to give her friend Cole a beat down. His offense? Nothing more than just being in her territory.

She can be so sweet and fun but can also be completely crazy and emotional. I'm really starting to see how different boys and girls are. Ethan had his issues too but it was pretty straightforward as to how to deal with them. I always knew his currency and was able to deal with behavior issues by taking his favorite toys away from him, and usually only had to do it once. Olivia is a totally different bird. She doesn't seem to learn, discipline and punishment mean nothing to her. The only thing she loves is her blanket and bear but I never take comfort items away--that just seems mean. I think I need to read that strong willed child book. I thought Ethan was strong willed but he's got nothing on her!

Monday, April 12, 2010

attention makeup junkies....

If you could splurge on a lipstick from a beauty counter (not Target type stuff), what would you get? Brand, color, etc?