Tuesday, July 26, 2011

two months isn't that long, right?

Wow! Two months have flown by. What to talk about? I feel like all I've really done this summer is swim. I'm pretty sure I haven't actually bathed my children at all since I count swimming as a bath. My tan is looking good and I'm not ashamed to say that it is actually from the sun, not a bottle. Although I do wear SPF...sometimes. Better about remembering it for my kids...sometimes.

  • We finally broke down and got a minivan! It wasn't too hard to convince ourselves, actually. I'd been longing for one (did I seriously just say that?) for a while but kept telling myself it wasn't a need, just a want. Then Honda sweetened up the deal with 0.9% financing and that is just what we needed to move. We got into an Odyssey to test drive it and the kids and I were sold in about 15 seconds. Each time we use it to carry friends around my heart melts. Seriously! I just feel overjoyed. I've got some issues, apparently.

  • Get thyself an iPad2. Jay and I decided to be ridiculous and use our tax return for two iPads. Although that sounds indulgent, it was really just a way to keep peace in our marriage. We both knew we would fight about who got to use it and since Jay travels quite a bit now, he would want to take it. So we got two! If we lose our house, then you can say "I told you so". I normally disagree with just about everything Queen Oprah says but I do agree with her that the iPad is THE COOLEST THING EVER. I do not regret the purchase for one second. I use it at the gym to watch movies, I have gotten really good at Angry Birds and I keep up with all my blog reading (not writing) on it. So fun. And a great way to entertain kids anywhere you need some help. Get one!

  • After four long years, I am finally not having diarrhea after every meal. TMI, sorry. But this is a big deal for me! I drink a magic powder every night and it takes care of the problem. Wish I had done this four years ago but whatever. My energy level has really improved and my joint pain is minimal. The gluten free diet doesn't need to happen anymore and for that I am thankful!

  • Our house is party central. All the neighborhood kids are here, all the time. I guess this is a good thing, right? At least, that is what I am told.

  • I am ready for school to start. I need Ethan out of my hair. But I know that once he is gone all day I will miss him like crazy. Funny how that works.

Okay, that is all the updating I can handle at the moment.