Wednesday, May 25, 2011

all clear!

I had another colonoscopy today. Three years ago they found precancerous polyps which meant I needed another one now. The good news is I am all clear--the even better news is that now I get to wait five years for the next one!

There is a reason they usually wait until you turn 50 to do this, one of which must be that doing th prep while trying to be a mother is nearly impossible. I couldn't eat after midnight on Monday which meant that I was pretty much a waste of space on Tuesday. Thankfully, my dad and Debbie both came over to help me out once the all-out cleansing began. Seriously, you can't be more than three feet away from the bathroom or you will be sorry!

I was up most the night in the bathroom and so felt about the worst I've felt in a long time. But thankfully the procedure was quick and simple, the fetanyl was fun and I have no new polyps. My mom treated me to a delicious lunch at Panera and I have spent the afternoon in bed. Jay is doing a super job making sure I get to rest. Back to real life tomorrow!