Monday, February 22, 2010

don't make me orange

Has anyone ever tried spray tanning at a tanning place? I'm thinking of doing it before we leave on Friday but am a little nervous that I will look like a streaky mess. Let me know if you have tips or caution for me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

go ahead, be a tiger

Back when I worked at Accenture, they joyfully unveiled their new ads with Tiger Woods that told us to "Go ahead, be a Tiger". If only they knew what that would entail!

I watched La Tigre apologize yesterday. He seemed heavily medicated to me. I can't say if it was sincere or not but I'm sure it takes an enormous amount of contrition (or pressure by managers) to get up in front of everyone and come clean.

I was watching "The News" (on E! of course) and Tiger's lady loves are apparently enraged that he didn't include them in his apology. Huh? Aren't these the ladies that entered into a relationship with a married man, knowing full well that he was taken? Why is it, exactly, that he owes them anything at all? Wouldn't it make more sense that they owe his family an apology for helping wreak havoc on their lives? For being a part of the problem?

I have heard them say that they were taken advantage of, were dazzled by his fame. Yeah, cry me a river. Are you or are you not still in control of your choices, even when confronted by a celebrity? Him being famous and possibly having some sort of addiction problem does not excuse deciding to have an affair with him. I don't know that they are to blame for this--if it wasn't them it would've been other women, but I don't think they deserve anything at all. They chose to get interviewed by the tabloids and sell the dirty details for some cash. They have made a bad situation much worse by making sure that his children will someday be able to Google their dad and learn all his kinky sex habits. I think these ladies have realized that they are now the bad guys in this situation and are trying to right their sinking ship. Good riddance to them all. Maybe they will think twice next time they decide to have an affair with a married man.

What do you think about this? Can you tell I have little patience for infidelity?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

need a referral

Okay, so I sucked it up and scheduled an occupational therapy evaluation for Ethan and his food issues. I felt very good about my decision until I found out how much it is going to cost. Right now he is scheduled at Capable Kids but I need to do some research to see if there are lower price options out there. Our new insurance completely sucks so the amount we have to pay per visit is staggering.

If you have any leads for me, please let me know!