Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic letdown

Anyone else feeling bummed that the Olympics are over? I've loved watching the last two weeks. In fact, this was probably the best summer Olympics I can remember! I thought the coverage on NBC was just terrific--I loved the profiles and stories they covered, in addition to the sports. Cheering on Michael Phelps, wondering how on earth those Chinese gymnasts were allowed to compete, watching that Cuban roundhouse kick the ref...all moments I will miss. Guess I'll have to settle for the start of Fall TV!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's better than Bob Costas.

We've let Ethan stay up late with us the last few nights to watch the Olympics. He loves the alone time he gets with us and we love to listen to his constant talking. Here is a sample of our evening:

mom, is this water polo?...(no, this is swimming)....i think it is water polo, where is the bowl?...(you mean the goal?)....yeah, the goal...are they fish?...oh, you need to go potty mommy? here is a sticker!....are those bad guys? this how you feed babies?...(yes ethan but you can't hit mommy there)...daddy feeds babies too, he has pointy things....(mommy is dying of laughter)...yeah, you drink milk and then babies drink it from here. but only until they can eat chicken's michael phelps! what is on his head?....can i watch the cars movie? (no way)....daddy, keep looking for barney stormin', okay?....why did you buy the dinoco blimp for me?....remember when we went to disneyworld?....i need to get in my cocoon, i am a caterpillar!....why is that girl shiny? (referring to the chinese female gymnasts with massive amounts of glitter on their faces)....this goes on for hours folks!

Although there are times when this constant chatter gets annoying, for the most part it is very fun and I enjoy it immensely. He is a smart kid who is very curious and I am thankful for that.

Needless to say we are enjoying our Olympic spectating!