Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ethan watered the lawn tonight...

and by that I mean he dropped his drawers in the front yard and peed. Seriously. It was absolutely the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

I was dealing with Olivia (who I think is teething and refusing to go to bed at night) and heard Ethan and his friends leave the house. I went to the door to look for him a few minutes later and saw Ethan, all alone thankfully, peeing in full effect. I opened the door and started to say "stop" and then Ethan yelled "It's okay Mom, it's just like the campground!". I started laughing like crazy and called Jay over to witness this milestone of childhood.

After I was done laughing I went out to explain to him that although we pee in the woods when we are camping with Grandpa Jimbo we should use the potty when we are at our house. He listened to my words but was quick to say "Well, I had to go". Wow.

I did take a quick peek around and it appears that most folks had gone in for the night. But really, who cares? It is FUNNY!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dining set for sale!

If you or anyone you know needs a dining set, have I got a deal for you! We have done away with our formal dining room and have a set to sell. This set belonged to Jay's grandparents and is in excellent condition. It is solid wood (not sure what kind). The oval table is 66 inches. It also has 2 leaves (21 inches each) which make it a max length of 108 inches. There are six chairs, cushioned, ivory fabric. The hutch is 82h x 59w x 16d. Upper portion has 6 glass shelves with lights to illuminate items. Lower portion has doors with shelves. Tons of storage!

We need to get this out of here in order to begin our kitchen project. Make an offer!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Poll!

As you may know (if you are cool) there is a new 90210 show starting soon. Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin and Brenda Walsh will be making appearances. I have fond memories of 9-0 parties and yelling at the TV. Such a wholesome show! So will you check it out? Vote now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rehab update: Week 2

If you are keeping track you will note that this should actually be week 3. I had to rewind a week to make up for the 4th of July holiday weekend, which ended up being 5 days long. I wasn't able to stick to my workout plan. I did, however, with the help of many wonderful people, move 5 tons of river rock, 8 yards of mulch and lay 300 feet of landscape edging. It was a hugely ambitious yard project that extended to three days instead of the one I assumed it would take. The end result is wonderful though! The food aspect of things didn't go so well either--we were so sweaty and dirty that we opted for fast food instead of healthier options. So week 2 is being repeated. Today is the start of week 3 for me.

Not seeing much change. I'm feeling a little discouraged but am trying to calm myself and not expect results already. I'm still sticking to my workouts but am starting to feel a little bored with the treadmill. I might need to mix it up with some videos or something. Would it be wrong to leave my kids in bed and go for a bike ride? ;)

I know it will take time to make a real change. I also think my metabolism is jacked up from this past year of gall bladder drama. It will take time to straighten that out, I'm sure. The good thing about not being on Weight Watchers this time is that I'm not obsessed with food. I don't really think about it much at all, really. That doesn't mean I always make the best choices but I'm doing pretty well. It is just so different that being on Weight Watchers. I used to forgo "good" food in favor of crappy food. I used to try to see how much junk I could eat but still stay within my points. Now I don't feel so restricted and am making better choices.

Now I just need to see some results!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i have attained a new level of coolness

I got a new phone and it is rad. I have always just gotten whichever phone comes free with the plan. Not this time. I have a Blackberry! I was out at a playdate today and was able to check my email--it was definitely handy, especially since I was waiting for an important one.

Jay and I switched to T-Mobile and needed to get new phones. We decided to get Blackberry's (Blackberries?) and were prepared to spend the $300 total it would take. Then Jay found a sweet deal on Amazon, through T-Mobile, which enabled us to not only not pay a dime for the phones but get $50 back in return! The only stipulation is that we can't change our service for 6 months but the plan was what we were going to sign up for anyway so it was fine.

So now I have a qwerty keyboard and can text pretty decently! Send me a text if you want and I'll show you. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a big day for baby sister

Olivia just took her first steps! Seriously, just a few minutes ago. It was amazing! She took one step, didn't fall over so she decided to keep going. She ended up taking three steps before falling down. I find it very fun that the novelty of a child taking their first steps doesn't wear off with the second child. I'm guessing that even those with many children still find it amazing.

Had a scary experience with Olivia yesterday. We took the kids to Don Pablo's for lunch while we were out running errands. Olivia was eating chicken nuggets, nothing unusual there. Then she started choking. She has choked before but I was never too concerned because she would still be making noise. Not this time. Silence. Wide open mouth. Face and mouth turning blue. I was TERRIFIED. I smacked her back a few times. Nothing. I stuck my finger in her mouth looking for the food. Nothing. I started to freak. I yanked her out of her chair and started pushing on her stomach. Suddenly she started screaming, food was all clear. Not sure what did it--I think I stuck my finger so far down her throat that I made her gag and that might be what cleared it. Choking is not funny at all. I think Olivia was pretty freaked too. She insisted on being held the rest of the meal--and those of you that have seen her eat know that this girl doesn't let much come between her and food! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rehab update: Week 1

I'm a week in on this journey and I must say, I feel FANTASTIC! Seriously. I am actually a little surprised at how good I feel. Getting up at 6:30 each morning to exercise is by no means easy, but once I'm up I feel great. I've been watching movies while on the treadmill and am currently working my way through the Indiana Jones trilogy. It keeps me entertained and when I check my time I usually find that I am almost done with my workout!

I've found that I am better equipped to be a good mom on the mornings that I get up early to exercise. I've had time to wake up and feel like I am more alert and less irritable. I do take a short cat nap in the afternoon while the kids are sleeping but it is only about 30 minutes.

I've been off the juice (diet pop) for a week now too! I do have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning that is supposed to have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. But that is it for the day. I was drinking 3-4 cans of pop throughout the day so I'd say it is a big change. The weird part is that I have not had a single headache this whole time! Doesn't mean I don't crave diet pop like Amy Winehouse craves crack but so far I have withstood the temptation. I do salivate a little when I see the cooler of pop at Target but I just charge on by. I did have a small cup of Sprite at McDonald's because I needed some bubbles. But I don't have the same addiction to Sprite that I do with diet pop so I think that was okay. I would never buy Sprite to drink at home.

Not eating at night has been good. I never realized how much I snacked at night! Not drinking alcohol has helped too. I tend to snack a lot when I am on the sauce.

So I don't know if I've lost weight but I feel like my body has changed a little. Probably not noticeable to anyone but me but I can see a small change. My body is getting stronger but it will take a while for that to show since there is a thick layer of insulation that I need to burn off first!

I am thrilled to be one week into this and still going. I've never been this committed before. Thanks to all for the encouraging comments you posted. I appreciate the accountability I feel just posting this stuff. Holla!